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Civil engineering, construction and equipment sector

Civil engineering, construction and equipment sector

Building systems for rapid delivery and processing with abundant inventories

Steel pipe has a vast variety of uses in residential and commercial facilities, mid- to high-rise buildings, bridges and other structures in the civil engineering, construction and equipment sector.

Metal One Sumisho Tubular Products responds to steel pipe requirements that differ by project. We keep abundant inventory on hand at all times and supply products that our customers need promptly thanks to our diverse processing capabilities and rapid delivery systems based on the sites that we operate throughout Japan.

Our main products

Steel tubes for general structural purposes; steel square and rectangular tubes for general structure; carbon steel pipes for ordinary piping; steel pipes for high-temperature service; steel pipes for pressure service; steel tubes for machine structure; steel tubes for building structure; steel pipe piles; conduits; and various types of piping materials, including fittings, flanges and valves

Metal One Sumisho Tubular Products

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