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Plant and energy sector

Plant and energy sector

Personnel with a wealth of experience provide highly specialized services

Oil refineries and petrochemical, paper manufacturing and other plants—as well as power stations and other parts of the energy sector—use all kinds of steel pipe and piping materials. A high degree of specialization is needed to determine the materials used. And whether the need is for new construction, repairs or modifications, they all call for meticulous responses to shorten construction times and ensure safety.

At Metal One Sumisho Tubular Products, we focus our group’s total capabilities to provide information and the personnel with highly specialized expertise and an abundance of experience when responding to customer requests by offering “next-door” logistics and sales network systems.

Our main products

Steel tubes for boiler and heat exchanger; carbon and stainless steel pipes for ordinary piping; steel pipes for high and low-temperature service; steel pipes for pressure service; arc-welded steel pipes; titanium tubes; and various types of piping materials, including pipe fittings, flanges and valves

Metal One Sumisho Tubular Products

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