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Corporate Philosophy

Metal One Sumisho Tubular Products supplies steel pipe and piping materials and revolutionary industry functions that consistently generate new value for all industries and companies and support a more sustainable society. We continue to excel as a corporate entity that is powered by employees full of the vitality and determination to realize their aspirations.

Action Guidelines

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    Faith and trust
    We comply with all laws and regulations and pursue appropriate business activities rooted in good faith as an enterprise widely esteemed by society.
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    Fairness and integrity
    We promote our business in a fair and open fashion, motivated by our status as the industry leader. We also maintain rigorous self-governance, and our actions always bolster that ranking to ensure that society recognizes our company as No. 1.
  3. 03
    Change within continuity
    While prizing the value we have built up over the years, we are rising to the challenge of creating new value. We will move ahead as a company able to transform itself to address the needs of each era and market and create innovation for the world around us.